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Selling on Marketnail is simple, easy and above all convenient:

1) First of all, Marketnail requires neither registration costs nor monthly fixed costs. Upload your catalog for free and start selling immediately. Only if you make sales, a 10% commission will apply (excluding the costs of payment platforms). That's all. No hidden costs, no penalties, no fixed costs. You will receive an e-mail with the details of each order and you will take care of the shipment with your trusted courier. On the platform you can set the shipping costs charged to the customer or thresholds for free shipping.

2) Choose in which countries or geographical areas to activate your Marketnail profile: if you are a manufacturer and want to start selling in other countries, this is the right opportunity for you. If you are a distributor with exclusive rights to a particular country, you can rest easy. Marketnail protects the territorial boundaries of the commercial areas and guarantees, during registration, that only you will be present on the marketplace in your area of ​​competence. Furthermore, thanks to a geolocation system, the user is directed to the reference site for a given geographical area. So you are sure that your exclusive is preserved.

3) Download the contract and its annexes, fill in your data, initial and sign each page and send the documents to Or, if you want to talk to one of us to find out more, fill out the form down below. We will fix an appointment as soon as possible to facilitate your accession to the platform.

4) Your account will be created on the platform and you will be able to carry out all the operations independently: upload and modify products, manage multiple price lists, manage shipping costs, make special offers, manage orders. Read the Vendor guide to learn the step-by-step procedure to start selling. If you want to be helped in the configuration and start-up process, the Marketnail team is at your disposal for some small advice or to offer you full support with turnkey projects, if you don't have the time or desire to carry out the operations yourself

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Our strenghts


Marketnail is a free platform open to all operators: commissions will be applied only in case of actual sales. No subscriptions, no penalties, no hidden costs.


With Marketnail you can start selling abroad in all markets where it is present with a few simple clicks. Translate your catalog into the language of interest and start selling!


With your Marketnail account you will always be autonomous in managing your catalogue, your orders, your shipping costs, promotions and everything else.

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